Sportstarz classes are full of fun, friendship, social interaction and team building activities in a safe environment. You’ll be amazed at what your children can learn at such a young age.

Our pre-school sports are designed to improve your child’s motor and social skills. There are so many skills in life that we take for granted that have yet to be learned by our children. Skills like balance, co-ordination and spacial awareness. Also skills that you might not relate directly to sport like sharing, counting, decision-making and listening. All of these are practiced in some way during every one of our pre-school lessons to help your child develop and grow in all areas.

They will also learn key skills in the sport that they are practicing which will prepare them for higher levels of sport. We as coaches have seen countless cases of children who have played since pre-school age, and have a more “natural” look about how they play and conduct themselves within their chosen sport.

Will my child join in if I sign up for a pre-school course?

Answer… Free Trial!

We understand before committing to a 5/6 week course parents are wary or unsure of how much their child will take to the activity at such a young age. This is why we ensure you get a free trial to come and meet the coach and take part in a free lesson. Please email to book your free trial today.

Who will be teaching my child during these sessions and do they have the necessary experience to deal with children of pre-school age?

All pre-school sessions will be led by Gareth Coombes and Michael Trotter, both of whom have over 10 years pre-school coaching experience in Tennis, Football and Rugby. Our coaches not only have the technical knowledge of the sports to pass on, they also have the experience of running pre-school parties where the emphasis is on making sure each child has a fun and engaging time.

Free Shirt!

When new customers sign up to a pre-school course you will also get a free Sportstarz shirt for your child. Various sizes will be available on arrival of the first lesson.

Bookmark Participation Scheme

We understand as coaches that children can lose focus and some need that extra bit of motivation at times during the sessions. We are introducing our own reward system that has worked with our junior section in the past. Children love stickers! We have come up with a book mark scheme to help motivate and give goals during our lessons. Each child will have their very own bookmark and will receive a sticker at the completion of each lesson. Fill the bookmark and you win small prizes!

Pre-School Football is a great way for children to discover the fun of football for the first time. The children will practice skills like passing, shooting and dribbling while improving their basic motor skills and co-ordination. More advanced classes will work on basic communication skills and start playing some structured matches, lots more emphasis on teamwork and working with others in the group.

Our pre-school tennis sessions focus on hand eye co-ordination and basic motor skills as well as the technical aspects of the game like forehand, backhand, volleys and serve. Tennis is a difficult sport to learn as much of it requires quick judgement and decision-making, which is why it is essential to start learning these important skills at a young age. All of these skills are practiced every lesson along with one of the key technical aspects in a fun and engaging environment.