Every child looks forward to their birthday party, so why not give them something extra special to look forward to this year!

We run a wide variety of bespoke parties for all ages.  We can run themed parties in fancy dress, for example Pirate parties, with a party leader in full pirate dress and a set of pirate themed games! Below you can find a more detailed write up on any party that interests you.

Traditional Party

Our traditional parties are based on classic party games like musical bumps, statues and chairs, corners and parachute games. These parties are perfect for all ages and our party leaders have an incredible selection of games meaning that no two traditional parties are exactly the same. We can even introduce a particular sport into the party if desired, while keeping the traditional elements of the party for all to enjoy.

Sports Party

We are able to run a wide variety of sports parties including tennis, football, dodgeball, basketball, cricket and rounders. We can mix any of these sports into a single party or base the entire party on just one sport, the choice is yours. These parties tend to be better for slightly older children, from 7 years old and up they have a better understanding of their preferred sport and a far greater attention span! We can provide all equipment needed and a suitable venue to run any of the above sports. 

Army Party

A party usually dominated by boys, however we have seen lots of girls take part as well and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Your party leader will be in full camo costume and we encourage the children to dress up for these parties as it adds to the atmosphere, however it is not a requirement. We can provide face paint and bandanas  on arrival. Games can include Find the Injured Man, Water Bombs and many other army related games. This party is always an enjoyable, and more importantly tiring, day out!

Pirate Party

Pirate parties are great fun for any pirate lover and children really love them. We live in a time where pirates are very popular, not least due to the Pirates of the Caribbean films! The party leader will be in full pirate costume and we encourage everyone else to dress up as well. Games include Captain’s on Deck, Walk the Plank and many other pirate related games. We have a variety of pirate music to play some more traditional games, all with a pirate tweak made for this party.

Pre-School Party

Our Pre-School parties are for ages 2.5-5 yrs. They follow the same model as our traditional parties but are delivered at a much quicker pace. Our party leaders are highly experienced in both coaching and entertaining children of pre-school age, and therefore make sure that the games keep them engaged and happy for the entire party. Games like, What’s the time Mr. Wolf?, Granny Footsteps and Sleeping Lions will all be huge favourites with the children. Parent interaction is highly encouraged to keep the little ones feeling at ease.

Dodgeball Party

Dodgeball parties are great fun for all ages and something that everyone can get involved in! We play a variety of Dodgeball games including Benchball, Doctor Dodge, Pinball Dodgeball and many more! The children will enjoy playing Dodgeball games to music before sitting down for food at the end of the party.

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